World is better with us!

Since 2008 we organize a charity concert and program every year. In 2008-2011 it took
place in the biggest hall of Hungary, László Papp Sports Arena. The organizers were disabled people, who wanted to do something good for other people. They gave the money first to Csaba Böjte and his orphans. In 2009 they found a new project with it. It is our „Never Give Up” House Program for underprivileged gipsy children from extreme poverty. In the coming years they collected money for a new house for disabled people, who want to live an independent life. This house is still on the way. They played with many famous Hungarian stars together on stage and collected about 11,5 million HUF (~ 37.000 EUR) these years. In the frame of the World Is Better With Us! Program through Never give Up Foundation Nick Vujicic visited Hungary in 2013. He had seven performances in Hungary in four different cities. In 2017 hopefully we can host Nick Vujicic again. Our aim is to reach all the teenagers and children from primary until secondary schools to hear Nick Vujicic. Smile

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