Never Give Up Training Program

We offer trainings for companies, corporations, organizations and schools about disabled and handicapped people’s life and strength. Our aim is to make a „bridge” between employers and employees, disabled and not disabled people. Society have oft fear from disabled and handicapped people, therefore they don’t want to employ or include them. We show to all how to do it, what are the most important stuffs and knowledges and what is the power and richness of these people. All trainers are also handicapped and disabled people, so participants can meet and speak with them and they can also test themselves in the different life situations. There are all kind of disabled trainers int he group: visually impaired, hearing impaired, mentally disabled, autistic, multiple disabled and we also offer a possibility to speak with parents who raised up children with disabilities.


Never Give Up Houses

Never Give Up Houses are for underprivileged gipsy children from extreme poverty to learn things, which are useful for a healthy and balanced life. We found the first house in 2010 in Szendrőlád and since then we opened two more in other poor villages. The aim is not to let children stay on the streets every afternoon, but teach them for useful things, like how to keep clean the house, how to cook, how gardening, how to brush teeth, how to work in team, how to cooperate and think common, etc. They are in the house with helpers and pedagogues every weekday afternoons. They have programs, like education and dinner, they go home around 7pm.

Integrated Programs and Camps

Every summer we organize two camps. Once we participate with a group in a big festival and the other is our own integrated camp with disabled people, gipsy children, youngsters and families, volunteers, high school and university students, etc. We are bigger every year, since 2013 we are already over 150 participants in every year.

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